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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cooper-Hewitt Museum Coifs Now Available Online

In doing research for a project I'm working on, I stumbled across the Cooper-Hewitt coifs.   I hadn't realized that they were available to view online now.  The link below will take you to my search-results page.  

Be sure to click on the items that state they have no image because they do have images once you open the item's details.  There are several unusual coifs.  You'll want to take the time to look closely at the motifs - some are quite quirky.  So make a cup of tea & relax while you peruse.....

Cooper-Hewitt Coifs


  1. Thank you for the links!
    The images are wonderful once you get to sure to click on the enlargement tab, too!

  2. The link went to the front page for me, but I found 7 odd coifs searching "Collections/Embroidered Coifs". "Image Not Available" would mean "not for reproduction", then, which means I can't Pin them. Drat. There are some interesting motifs there!! Fair enuff.
    Thanks! Who knew?


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