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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Floral Scarf to wear whilst riding horseback with the Queen of a Spring Day

This floral scarf for Spring was inspired by the following :

Queen Elizabeth (I) and her Ladies sometimes wore scarves while riding horseback and enjoying other outdoor activities, according to biographer Janet Arnold in Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd.

The following excerpt is also from the same book:

"The description of Elizabeth uncovering herself... probably means that she removed a light gauzy scarf from around her neck.  Elizabeth had many exquisitely decorated scarves.  One... made in 1591... was of white silk cypress, embroidered with scaling ladders, armed men and other devices in the borders at each end."
"  Stubbes described them as extravagant accessories in 1583:
   Then must they have their silke scarffes cast about their faces, and fluttering in the wind with great tassells at every ende, eyther of gold, silver or silke  But I know wherefore, they will say, they weare these scarffes, namely, to keep them from Sunne burnyng."

That my scarf may be similar to the one described above, I have embroidered the floral border at both ends of the scarf and included a long fringe to "flutter in the wind".

Stitches used include:
Ceylon (insect wings, strawberry leaves)
Detached buttonhole (leaves, buds, carnation)
Trellis (insect body)
Spiral Trellis (base of pomegranate)

Linen:  60 count fine Cambric 
Threads:  Mulberry Silks and Au Ver a Soie's Gobelin Silk
Rolled, hand worked hem.



  1. Hello!
    Have found your blog, and now reading it with great eagerness. Great to discover more information on the pieces I've seen on Stitchin' Fingers.

  2. I too, do Elizabethan embroidery & related tecniques. I am an Embroiderers Guild tutor & I have tutored Elizabethan embroidery & Stumpwork for some years now. I started to embroider when I was 6 years old (now 73). I have also written a book of Designs in Elizabethan embroidery which I self published a few years ago. I do a lot of designing, having been a dress designer many years ago. The embroidery later on seemed to be a natural progression from that. I love your work & have seen it on stitchin Fingers as I am a member of that too. I also have a blog on & a web page on my niece's site (Lyn's Threadwork.) It's a lot of fun seeing what others are doing in the embroidery world.

  3. Hi Sallyann,
    I took a quick look at your blog - very nice! I absolutely love the Elizabethan vest. If I didn't hate machine sewing so much, I'd be tempted to make one myself.
    I will check all your pieces out more thoroughly later. I'm having friends over this evening to celebrate July 4th and I really should be cleaning my house right now! But viewing others stitching is so much more fun!

    Thanks for your interest in my work!

  4. wow, beautiful work! excited for your blog! Where do you source your linen, like the 60 ct cambric you describe?

  5. Hi Nina - I got all of my white 60 ct cambric from Williamsburg Linen and Lace. Linda is the owner and she's very nice and will accept small orders ( a yard or two). They sell hand monogrammed linens. It's a beautiful website. Linda is hoping to have classes in the Autumn - a teacher from France to teach monogramming.

    There's another company, Ulster Linens, in NYC that sells the same linen in many different colors, but you must purchase 25 yards or more, or pay a penalty.

    Both companies have websites.

  6. Elmsley Rose pointed me to your blog. The scarf is delightful and I look forward to reading more!

  7. thanks! that's great information-- i live in NYC, I'll see if I can pop into Ulster just to have a look.

  8. Nina - how lucky to be so close to Ulster linens. Please let me know what you think of their shop. I don't get to NYC often, but go a few times each year. If it's worth it, I'll stop to see them next time I'm there.

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