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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas Ornament/Purse Inspired by Trevelyon's 1608 Miscellany

 This design is actually a detail from a panel-type drawing that was published in Thomas Trevelyon's 1608 Miscellany.

The last I read about it, there are actually 2 extant manuscripts, one owned by the Folger Shakespeare Museum in Washington, DC, the other was in a private collection.  The Folger Shakespeare Museum has printed a reproduction of their copy, available for $750 on their website.  That's not the copy I have - lol !  Ask your local museum or research library to purchase a copy of it!  I'd love to see this book.

There is a much less expensive route to get some of Trevelyon's patterns.  The 41st Volume of the Walpole Society includes some of his patterns.  You may be able to purchase a used copy (which I did) or possibly get it on an ILL.

I made this mini-purse (2-1/2"wide by 4" high) as a Christmas tree ornament 2 years ago.  As you can see, it's a fully functioning purse, as well.  The back has the same design as the front.

Linen:  50 ct Kingston
Threads by Mulberry Silk of England
her website:

Stitches used:
Spiral Trellis for berries
Detached Buttonhole on leaves
Couched #5 smooth passing gold "thread" for branches  (my first attempt at couching and I should have couched closer together.  It looked great while on the embroidery frame, but shifted after assembly)
Van Dyke for the veins on the leaves.
Heavy Broad for purse outline (the red)

I used real gold thread and paillettes.   When hanging on my Christmas tree, the paillettes catch the tree lights and sparkle beautifully.


  1. It's lovely.
    Couching can be a bit prone to movement, and it is tricky to get the right combination of movement in the fabric as a whole, while maintaining the clear lines of the design. Any slight twitches aren't obvious, though!


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