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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Exciting Update about Trevelyon 1608 Miscellany

Thomas Trevelyon embroidery patterns now available online!

The other day I posted about the Trevelyon 1608 Miscellany reprint available for $750 from Folger Shakespeare museum in DC.

It appears that the museum has now made this book available to view online.   It looks like there are over 600 pages.  Each of the Folger's online pages has about 50 pages from Trevelyon's book.  Folger's page 7 is where the embroidery patterns seem to start, though there are some scattered amongst the earlier pages.

 Check out the link below (copy & paste it into your browser):

You can download pages by bringing up the page you want, then clicking Export in the upper right hand corner.  Or there's an option to use them in a presentation format.  Ok, I'm rating high on the geek-o-meter bc I'm so excited by this I can hardly type!



  1. THANKYOU! You just made my day!

    I've *dreamed* of finding patterns like this. You get bits and pieces of them - but this whole collection!
    And the motifs drawn to give ideas for the sort of stitch, if one were to be inspired that way.

    Definitely a source for the Wiki, if that's possible, and definitely a *brilliant* design resource for all 17thC embroiderers!

    Good one! :-)

  2. That looks fascinating - thank you!

  3. I have about 40 patterns in JPG from this collection elaborated from the source you give that are mostly in A4 dimension.
    If you like, email me at I can send them, day by day.


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