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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sampler Bits Ornaments

 'The holly’s up, the house is all bright
 The tree is ready, the candles alight,
Rejoice and be glad all children tonight.'

German carol 

These first two ornaments have details taken from the same sampler as that which inspired my Christmas stockings.  The sampler is titled a Pattern Record (circa 1625), and is available from Scarlet Letter.

Both are trimmed with purchased cording. 

The red ornament is backed with moire fabric in a red to match the embroidery.

The green & gold ornament is backed with gold velvet.

The technique for both ornaments, once again, is blackwork, using Au Ver a Soie : soie d'alger, one strand.  35 count linen.

The third ornament, a needle roll, has two bands from the same sampler as the two ornaments above.  

Additionally, the central acorn & oak leaf band is a 16th or 17th century Italian band.  The band was included in Old Italian Patterns for Linen Embroidery, by Frieda Lipperheide, translated and edited by Kathleen Epstein.

The needle roll edges were hemmed using an antique hem stitch. ( You can find my instructions for this hemming technique under 'Stitch Instructions' on the right hand bar of this blog.)

Materials used:  Au Ver a Soie : soie d'alger, one strand.  35 count linen.

I like to display ornaments such as these, without either a strong, or a true Christmas motif, all year.



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