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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Third Thomas Trevelyon Manuscript?

Photo from The Embroidery Patterns of
Thomas Trevelyon by J.L. Nevinson,
41st Volume of The Walpole Society,
in my collection.  K.S.
I'm just about finished with the Bluebird (pics to follow shortly), and beginning to think about my next project.  Inspirations periodical has asked me to design a small Thomas-Trevelyon-inspired piece for their Christmas issue.  Searching the web for any new Trevelyon research, I came across this interesting article from the Folger website, written by Heather Wolfe.  

This 3rd Trevelyon manuscript probably pre-dates the 2 existing!  The article is also interesting in that it addresses some of the original sources for Trevelyon's drawings (many of which he reproduced from contemporary documents).

The author is asking for help identifying original sourcing for a new section of illustrated alphabet.  Those of you who also spend hours immersed in Elizabethan imagery like myself should have a gander at it to see if the embroidery world can help (photos about 3/4ths down in the article).

The Folger folks are hoping that this new manuscript will help to uncover some biographical details about Trevelyon.  


  1. I found T. Trevelyon fascinating, thank you to share, Kimberly

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