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Friday, February 24, 2012

Progress Continues On Enchanted Shawl

“I made my song a coat
Covered with embroideries 
Out of old mythologies...”


Although I've completed another section of embroidery on the 
shawl, most of the motifs 
are repeats of those I've already shared with you, so I haven't included photos of them.  

I did decide to add stamens to the rose, which you can see peaking out from under a petal here..

I'm more pleased with my second attempt at Long & Short stitch.  Someday I may invest in Trish Burr's dvd's.  I'm sure I could pick up some tips from her gorgeous work.  This shawl will help me to determine if L/S stitch will become a standard of my embroidery "vocabulary".  

I think L/S is a beautiful stitch, but not as fun to do as the other Elizabethan/Jacobean stitches.  I enjoy the variety of the other stitches - choosing which stitch will more closely represent the texture you need for a motif, or using raised stitches to give something more "pop".  The joys of embroidery....


  1. It's the huge range of effects and techniques available that make embroidery such an absorbing pastime.

    1. Finally blogger allows us to reply to people's comments!

      I couldn't agree with you more!

  2. I've been keeping a particular eye out for feedback on Trish Burr's DVDs. I have her books (tho not the most recent 2, er 3) - the project books, and several other books on L&S and done several projects. I feel I've gone through the basics several times, re-learnt several times, and generally have a good idea of what to do.
    Yet, I am still definitely going to get the DVDs. All feedback has been "I've learnt lots/several useful things" from every level of L&S stitcher. (I read some embroiderers' blogs just for their L&S. I really want to do her course, which requires the DVD, as well.

    1. A friend loaned me the dvd's a couple years ago. I watched them (while stitching detached buttonhole leaves), but since I had no intention of doing L/S at the time, I took only a general interest in the process.


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